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I service and repair old and new motorcycles including dirt bikes, street bikes, full dressers, new and old ATV's, side by sides, utility and sport as well as golf carts and gators. 



Tune-ups are important on motorcycles as well as ATV's . Regular tune-ups help prevent more costly future repairs. Getting the oil changed regularty reduces wear on the engine and improves the live of the machine.

Tune-ups include valve adjustment, drive train inspection, spoke check and tightening, inspecting wheel barings , inspecting brakes, flushing fluids, overall general inspection, grease and lube cables, service chain if needed, as well as servicing of air filter and spark plugs.


Clutches and carburators often need to be replaced or repaired from wear and tear. 

Each bike is its own individual case, so it's on an as needed basis.



As a 6G certified welder I can weld frames, cases, heads, and remove broken bolts or studs.  I have also put on super charger belts, impellers, and done pump work for jet skies .


For gas powered golf carts I have worked on top ends, belts and clutches, crank bearings, boring

cyclinders and general overall maintenace, as well as other specialy servies as needed.



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